Wednesday, July 8, 2015

39 Weeks

Now everybody is out! 

HOW FAR ALONG?: 39 Weeks and the most beautiful baby boy has arrived!  Welcome Atlas Graham Riley! 

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN?: I ended up gaining a total of 32.5 pounds this pregnancy.  

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Well... I've still been wearing some still (shhhh...)  

SLEEP?: I sleep when baby sleeps and set an alarm to wake up during the night to feed him.

BEST MOMENT/S THIS WEEK?:  Such a difficult question... Meeting my little man!  And seeing Veda really love on her new brother. 

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK?: I would say when my epidural stopped working when I was fully dilated and expected to push :(

MISS ANYTHING?:  Well, I'd really like a drink now that I'm not pregnant, but it's too soon.

MOVEMENT?:  He's just as active out here in the real world, but when he's swaddled he can't move so much ;) 
FOOD CRAVINGS?:  Now I want healthy foods.  I find that odd.  

LABOR SIGNS?:  Will write a post about labor and delivery soon.

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: Overjoyed.  Tired.  Sore, very sore.  

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?:  It's becoming an innie again.

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: I was able to keep them on throughout my entire pregnancy this time.

LOOKING FORWARD TO...? Getting in a million snuggles!

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