Wednesday, July 8, 2015

39 Weeks

Now everybody is out! 

HOW FAR ALONG?: 39 Weeks and the most beautiful baby boy has arrived!  Welcome Atlas Graham Riley! 

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN?: I ended up gaining a total of 32.5 pounds this pregnancy.  

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Well... I've still been wearing some still (shhhh...)  

SLEEP?: I sleep when baby sleeps and set an alarm to wake up during the night to feed him.

BEST MOMENT/S THIS WEEK?:  Such a difficult question... Meeting my little man!  And seeing Veda really love on her new brother. 

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK?: I would say when my epidural stopped working when I was fully dilated and expected to push :(

MISS ANYTHING?:  Well, I'd really like a drink now that I'm not pregnant, but it's too soon.

MOVEMENT?:  He's just as active out here in the real world, but when he's swaddled he can't move so much ;) 
FOOD CRAVINGS?:  Now I want healthy foods.  I find that odd.  

LABOR SIGNS?:  Will write a post about labor and delivery soon.

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: Overjoyed.  Tired.  Sore, very sore.  

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?:  It's becoming an innie again.

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: I was able to keep them on throughout my entire pregnancy this time.

LOOKING FORWARD TO...? Getting in a million snuggles!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

38 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG?: 38 weeks!  I'm beginning to think I might make it to 40... hopefully not a day more if that's the case.  I shouldn't complain because I'm not uncomfortable, I'm just being impatient now.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN?: Last week I was up to 33 pounds.   Oops!  

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Maternity clothes, dresses, t-shirts & underwear.... anything to avoid putting on pants/shorts.  

SLEEP?: Tossing and turning a lot.  Occasional insomnia, usually around 3AM.  Still taking a daily nap.  

BEST MOMENT/S THIS WEEK?:  Well, since this little dude has decided he does not yet want to come out, we went and took maternity photos.  We should have them by next week, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they turned out.  Veda participated very well,  I was shocked, especially since we were at a park!  She's grown so much in six months since our last family photos. 

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK?: This is so sad, but I went to get a maternity massage this week and left very disappointed.  It was not my usual lady (she's on vacation) and the lady they gave me literally rubbed my feet for 30 seconds.  :(

MISS ANYTHING?:  Not really.  I don't even really miss wine that much anymore...  

MOVEMENT?:  He has really slowed down this week.  Actually yesterday I contemplated going in to see my OBGYN because he hadn't moved much at all, then after lunch he got the hiccups.  I actually called the office later in the evening because I hadn't felt him move much again but they were closed.  I came home, ate some chocolate and relaxed and he started up again.  I get really nervous when he doesn't move.  

LABOR SIGNS?:  Nothing I've noticed.  My doctor is *finally* going to check me tomorrow.  My gosh, he checked me early on and now he refuses to but I'm 38 weeks now so he says he will.  

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?:  I feel like I'm losing patience with Veda and that makes me sad.  I'm just at a crossroads where I'm over being pregnant but I'm also sort of embracing these final days/weeks because I don't know that I'll ever be pregnant again. 

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?:  What belly button?


LOOKING FORWARD TO...? Getting this baby out of my belly and into my arms!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

37 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG?: 37 Weeks!  Full term! Woo hoo!!  I didn't know if we'd make it this far, but I think it has a lot to do with not working the last few weeks.  I really thought this little guy would be born June 17th, but that has come and gone so now we wait.  

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN?: I have an appointment tomorrow morning again, likely every Friday from here on out.  I would guess I've put on another 1/2 to 1 pound this week, we'll see in the morning.  I'm hoping he'll check to see if I'm dilated at all, too.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I've been wearing a lot of stretchy nightgowns and t-shirts and underwear.  LOL  Pants are no longer my friend.  I even got into my maternity swimsuit today, we had our first swim of the season.  I probably better get a few of those in before baby comes because then I'll be banned for a few weeks.  I must admit, I was a little nervous my water was going to break in the pool.  :P   

SLEEP?: Same 'ol... I sleep when Veda sleeps and I toss and turn like a crazy person.  Oh and I'm so hot. like sweating... maybe the increased blood supply, maybe the 100 degree temps!  Yuck!  Thank goodness I didn't get my wish for an October baby, I cannot imagine going through the entire summer like this.  

BEST MOMENT/S THIS WEEK?:  We went to Brett's second doctor appointment with the ortho doc and it turns out his right knee is structurally sound, but he does have arthritis.  So there's good and bad in that I suppose.  He will be having surgery on his left knee mid July, then hopefully after his PT and my baby recovery we can get back to being active.

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK?: Brett has been fighting off a cold or allergies for over a week.  It's no fun over here.  He's trying to avoid getting Veda or me sick and I'm trying to get him to rest and get better so that he can be around the baby, if he makes his appearance any time soon.

MISS ANYTHING?:  Same things - bending over, getting up off the couch or out of bed easily.  

MOVEMENT?:  Yes, he is a very active little boy!
FOOD CRAVINGS?:  No cravings, still eating a bunch of sweets.  I keep reading about how I'm supposed to be eating super healthy.... um, sorry buddy, hopefully the vitamins will make up for all the sweets I've ingested in the last nine months.  I'm trying to cut back on my (half caf) coffee.  I definitely don't have more than I'm supposed to, but I'm trying to not have much at all... 

LABOR SIGNS?: Not yet, I can't even tell if these are Braxton Hicks anymore or just him pushing his body outward.

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?:  I feel like I've been nesting this entire pregnancy.  I mean I've thrown out so much stuff, had everything ready to go for awhile now and cleaned a million times. 

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?:  Out, hopefully not forever.

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: On, occasionally tight, mostly with heat and exercise.

LOOKING FORWARD TO...? Getting this baby out of my belly and into my arms!

Friday, June 12, 2015

36 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG?: 36 weeks!  This is the week Veda was born, will history repeat itself?  My doctor already told me he will not intervene unless I go over my due date... I can't imagine being pregnant for four more weeks, but I know it's a possibility.  I'm really not that uncomfortable, I can still breathe and eat.  It is very hard to bend over and it's hard to get out of a lying down position.  I'm still enjoying being a family of three and knowing how that works, a family of four is the unknown so it is a bit scary.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN?: I only gained 0.5-1 pound this week... thank goodness!  I bought the doctor's office donuts this morning, because I'm not going to be the only one growing! ;) 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Yes and I've also been wearing dresses this week.  Much more comfortable than anything with a waist band!   

SLEEP?: I still sleep with a lot of interruptions to roll over.  Luckily I've always been able to fall back to sleep quickly because I turn every hour or two.  

BEST MOMENT/S THIS WEEK?:  We've just been playing a lot.  Brett and I got to squeeze a 'date night' in... he was working so I use the term loosely.  His first comedy album dropped on iTunes, go buy it! (  I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  He's measuring about two weeks ahead of schedule still and around 6 pounds.


MISS ANYTHING?:   Just being a little more flexible! 

MOVEMENT?:  He's still on the move.  I had the doctor verify that he only has two legs because he feels like an octopus.  I was reminded that in addition to his two arms and legs, he also has elbows and knees :)  He is head down and I think his butt must be near my right rib cage because occasionally I feel something poking up there.    
FOOD CRAVINGS?:  I've been wanting this bread from a local restaurant, I haven't gone to get any... but that's what I've wanted this week.  I guess I just want carbs all the time.  Last week I wanted that pretzel - I didn't cave on that one either.  It's not like I'm trying to deprive myself, trust me when I say I have not eaten healthy this pregnancy.  Last week I ordered a salad and tator tots.  Haha!

LABOR SIGNS?: Not yet.

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?:  Frequent urination, constipation, tossing and turning at night.   I've been surprised with this pregnancy that I never felt like I couldn't breathe.  Boys definitely sit lower.  

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?:  It's out and visible through clothing, so that's sexy.  

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: Still on, but it was hot a couple of days this week and they did get a little tight!  I couldn't even get them off, but now they're back to normal. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...? Meeting this little dude.  Car seat is installed, all the items from our registry that we still needed are either here or being shipped.  I feel like I'm too prepared this time.  I have a calendar set up with our four contacts listed with each of their schedules so we know who to call.  Bag is still packed, I've gone through it with Brett so he's on the same page.  Let's hope everything goes smoothly.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

35 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG?: 35 Weeks - for sure I was put on bedrest with Veda at this point.  And then she came the next week. The doctor keeps talking about July.  Dude, I am more than happy to have this baby in my arms in 2 weeks.  He's already measuring 2 weeks early, approximately 5lbs 9 oz.  I really hope I don't hold him in until 40 weeks.  Luckily, I'm not super uncomfortable.  I was told he was head down, but unless he has extra limbs, I sort of think he's still side lying - or maybe he goes back and forth.  

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN?:  oh my gosh.... Let's just say, not working is not doing a body good.  I'm no longer walking 5 miles, 3 x week.  So it's piling on.  I've gained 27.5 pounds.  EEK!! I think I gained 25 total with Veda. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Lots of sweats, I'm able to fit them under my bump.    

SLEEP?: This entire pregnancy I've been so exhausted and not been able to stay up past 10:30PM.  Suddenly I'm finding myself awake still at midnight.  Still getting up when Veda gets up, between 7-8, and still taking naps most days when she naps for 2ish hours.  I think I'm turning every hour and a half, which is no longer easy.  I am really wishing I had one of those gigantic maternity pillows, but at this point it seems pretty pointless since I'm hoping I only have a couple weeks left. 

BEST MOMENT/S THIS WEEK?:  We didn't do a whole lot of exciting stuff this week.  Going to Disneyland last week wiped me out!  According to my phone we walked >14,000 steps and that's just when I had my phone on me.  Whew!  I hardly moved from the couch the next two days.  We did get to see our OB, but our appointments are so brief I sometimes feel like they're pointless.  


MISS ANYTHING?:   Bending over.  Being able to easily get out of a laying down position.  

MOVEMENT?:  He's been a crazy boy still, but Sunday I hardly felt him at all.  I actually almost went to the ER that night because I was worried, but then he moved some.  Monday was the same thing, very quiet in the belly, I drank coffee and had some candy and still not much movement.  Then as I was getting ready to call the doctor's office, he got the hiccups.    

FOOD CRAVINGS?: Still loving my sweets and this week I've been wanting one of those pretzels with cheese from the mall.  :) I actually feel like I want to make a bunch of cookies - and eat them (lets be real). 

LABOR SIGNS?: Not yet.

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?:  Frequent urination, constipation, braxton hicks contractions.  I think my mood is AOK, but ask my husband ;)

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?:  I'm going to go with out. 

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: On, which surprises me.  They aren't even tight.  

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?  I'm planning to do some self pampering in the next week, mani/pedi, massage, etc.  And we need to put the infant carseat in the car.  Then we should be good to go.  His crib has been made for awhile now, clothes are washed, bag is packed, call list is made... we're getting closer!  We got some real cute newborn sized clothes at our shower and I'm hoping he'll get to wear them.  I'm starting to fear having a gigantic baby.